Graffiti Abatement

The Fort Worth Police Department works closely with the City of Fort Worth Gang Graffiti Abatement Program.

The two most popular types of graffiti are gang graffiti and tagger graffiti. Graffiti is marking on property of another without consent. Gang graffiti is graffiti which relates to a particular gang. Tagger graffiti is graffiti which relates to a particular person or crew. A crew consists of 5 to 10 individuals who "tag."

You can help defeat the problem of graffiti by removing it from your property as soon as possible. If you need assistance in removing graffiti from your property, contact the Graffiti Abatement Program, at 817-392-2700 or email:

Please report the crime of graffiti as soon as possible to your Neighborhood Patrol Officer or the Police Non-Emergency number 817-392-4222.

Together, we can make Fort Worth Graffiti-Free.

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